I reeeaaally don’t like clickbait (Oh, the irony). I don’t know anyone who does.

clikc 2.jpg
Source: College Humor: The History of Clickbait

So why is it that every time I’m browsing through Facebook or scrolling through my YouTube sub box, I’m bombarded with a seemingly endless amount of SHOCKING, AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE news that will CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER!?!?!?

Welcome to the Age of Clickbait.     scared 1.gif

Where news is disappointing, third-party sites are plenty, pop-ups run wild and advertisements rule your browser like a tyrannical monarch. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So, if no one likes clickbait, why is it used?

Well, its the 21st century, everything is digital and exciting now! Popularity is measured in mouse gif or  facce like.png, and online ads are a legitimate source of income. Combine the two what do we get? An environment where the more views you rack up nets you a nice little profit. So its understandable as to why increasingly more businesses are selling their souls to the clickbait devil.

But the real question is, are you going to put up with this? Or will you take up arms and join the brave group fighting in the #StopClickbait revolution?

Already 32.4% of global internet users have taken an indirect approach of combating clickbait by installing various Adblockers. These tools effectively render third-party ad sites and pop-ups useless by passively removing them from your browser. A highly effective method of freeing yourself from clickbait.

However, if you happen to be as crazy passionate about combating clickbait as I am, you could contribute to the #StopClickbait campaign. A series of Facebook pages aimed at eradicating clickbait from the internet. By targeting serial clickbait offenders, like UNILAD or BuzzFeed, and spoiling the point of their articles, the clickbait is rendered entirely pointless.

stopclick 2

stopclick 1

So what about you (yes, you)? Do you care about clickbait?

If so, how are you combating the rising threat?



  1. I must admit, I do get sucked in a little bit by click bait articles. But I find myself always checking the comment section first as occasionally there is one or two people that post the ‘answer’ there and normally alongside the hashtag you mentioned!

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  2. Honestly, it is a very good method to draw people to clicking the link and browse the pages. I personally never click on these click bait titles, or clickbait Youtube videos. I think people are getting tired of this way of marketing their websites/services/products. When consumers know clickbaits are not as UNBELIEVABLE as they advertise, its not going to work anymore in the future. Good post! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. People definitely are getting tired of clickbait! The #StopClickbait page is getting more popular each day. Hopefully soon businesses will realise that clickbait isn’t a viable strategy anymore.


  3. Ad Blockers are a very good way for combating pop ups and click bait, however some sites are now fighting back by not allowing you to visit the site unless you disable Ad Blocker. Anyways interesting read.

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