If you’re a nerd, geek or pop-culture freak just like I am, there is a good chance you’ve heard of the incredibly popular subscription service that has been taking the nerd-world by storm: Loot Crate.

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For the uninitiated, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription service that sends themed crates of loot all around the world filled with fantastically geeky gear and goodies. The perfect gift for pop-culture enthusiasts, gamers and gurus everywhere. Since 2012, this small privately owned business has been shipping out thousands of crates across 35 countries worldwide.

But Loot Crate aren’t small anymore. Now based in Los Angeles with a rough valuation of $116 million, Loot Crate took out the number one spot on America’s 2016 Inc. 500 List for the fastest growing privately-owned companies. With a 3 year growth of 66,789%, Loot Crate are a force to be reckoned with among all subscription based services.

But how does a small South Californian start-up like Loot Crate evolve into the nerd-world powerhouse company it is today? Through a very close understanding of their target market, and some well placed affiliate marketing.

Since their humble beginning, Loot Crate has sought to partner themselves among popular companies, channels and personas within the gaming, entertainment and pop-culture community for a very simple and deliberate reason.

Because that’s where their target market is most present.

Why bother trying to advertise to the masses of mostly uninterested people, when you can directly expose yourself to the people who are most interested in what you are offering.

Knowing this, Loot Crate has developed an extensive Affiliate Program that allows for literally anyone with some sort of online presence to partner with Loot Crate for some mutual benefits.

While Loot Crate obviously benefits from extremely valuable exposure, the affiliates themselves receive a sizable commission for each person who subscribes to Loot Crate,  as well as a few extra Loot Crate goodies. Some of the most notable affiliates are hugely popular community channels like Rooster TeethGeek and Sundry and PewDiePie.

Not a bad deal for the affiliates, who get to promote Loot Crate is creative ways of their choosing. Just like this:

But that’s not all! Loot Crate also throws in some special offers and discount codes to all those who subscribe to Loot Crate through an affiliates recommendation. So really, its a win-win for everyone.

So had you heard of Loot Crate before this post and what do you think of affiliate marketing?


2 thoughts on “Crates of Loot from Affiliate Marketing

  1. I think loot crates are a great way of both getting a range of merchandise for your interests, as well as supporting the (largely indie) companies that affiliate with them. The indie companies like Roosterteeth, which I’m a fan of (and I’ve been noticing your icon since week 1, and was wondering when you were going to mention them), get the opportunity to sell their merch in a market where the consumers have a pre-established interest, but might not necessarily always pick that exact piece of merch that they would include in the Loot Crate. When a subscriber receives a loot crate, they don’t just support one brand, they support every other brand whose merch is included, and it allows them to experience more than from just one select pool from a specific company.


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