Opting Out of the Ad Game?

Recently I stumbled upon a feature on my iPhone that I found to be quite interesting:

Limit Ad Tracking on the iPhone

This feature that’s hidden deep in the iPhone’s “Settings” tab allows you to view exactly what information Apple is collecting from you in order to personalise your ads, in addition to giving you the option of turning off ad tracking on your phone all together!

So, by following the ‘View Ad Information’ button I arrived at this page:


On this page I could see a whole bunch of information which represented the data that Apple had collected about me based on things I’ve searched for, looked at and the Apps I’m using. These were things to do with my interests, hobbies, sports teams, news channels, date of birth, location, gender and I’m sure so much more that I didn’t quite understand.

Now for most people, this would be quite horrifying to learn that their phone is recording all their activity, but the reasoning behind it is quite innocent, and actually exists to make our lives just that little bit better.

Companies like Apple and Google have been utilising these highly complicated ad tracking systems in order to provide its users with a more personalised and relevant experience. This assures that when you run into ads online while browsing, that they are somewhat relevant to you and your interests.

In this way, its really a mutual benefit for both the consumer and businesses. Businesses don’t have to waste precious resources advertising to the wrong people with zero interest in their brand, and consumers don’t have to waste their time looking at ads for things that aren’t relevant to their lives.


What are your thoughts on this feature to turn off ad tracking? Will you be opting out or do you not mind being given personalised and relevant ads?


4 thoughts on “Opting Out of the Ad Game?

  1. I had no clue this existed!! But I personally would much rather have personalised ads then random ones, so I won’t be switching the feature off. Although, I think its great that we are able to see what information is being taken and have the option to turn it off


  2. Really surprised to see this feature, although I knew somehow Google/Apple were tracking information about me I didn’t realise it was stored and I was able to see what they had gathered! As another reader commented, I think it’s great they have the option to turn it off – aiming to keep all people happy. I actually like the feature however. No-one really likes ads but if you’re going to see them, it’s better you are seeing stuff that is relevant and personalised!

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  3. I think the feature is quite well hidden to the uneducated. From memory it is a pop up at the beginning when you set up your phone but who really reads the fine print? as a system, i don’t mind it because it is pretty basic information on the surface, and if it can provide ads that a relevant to me and i can gain some sort of value than it isn’t so bad?


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